Most Promising Digital Artists in Nigeria

Art creators in Nigeria are taking advantage of the current shift to digital technology happening in the art industry. The blockchain technology, which is a digital database that records transactions made in cryptocurrencies, has been a blessing to digital artists who are exploring the massive market of NFTs, the new technology trend, and are making money while at it. Artists can now do much more than showcase their art in a gallery. Art Tech District, as expected, has taken the lead role in touting this new, lucrative medium of showcasing and selling art, by hosting an NFT panel discussion at the close of January.

Below is a list of Nigerian digital artists on the rise:

Prince Jacob “Osinachi” Igwe

Osinachi is a 29 years old visual artist and digital currency creator popular for using the limited design palette of Microsoft Word to create narrative illustrations. Global Times called him “the most famous crypto artist in Africa.” His latest exhibition, Existence as Protest, is displayed at the Kate Vasse Galerie, Zurich.

Saleem Salahudeen

Salahudeen, though a graduate of physics, is a digital art and graphics design enthusiast. Creating digital art allows him to not only explore the world around him but also bring his imagination to life. His latest exhibition, The Light Series, currently on display at the Discovery Museum, surveys the different forms of light: as an energy and driving force for change and motivation; as visible in the colors red, yellow, and blue; and as a laser beam.

Obinna Okerekeocha

A video artist, sound designer, and filmmaker, Obinna has developed a modern style for creating engaging visual stories in audio-visuals. Having appeared twice at The Rele Gallery, Lagos, Obinna believes his new style and approach, which very much involves VR and AR, is fast becoming a global phenomenon.

David Osagie

David Osagie, whose journey in Digital Arts began in 2014, after coming second place in the Fanta Talent Art Competition, uses digital art portraiture as his means of artistic expression. His latest exhibition, the Inspired Art and Colorful Expression of Osagie, is a celebration of the colors of joy, hope, and happiness set on an African background. Osagie’s dexterous handling of digital colors and playful strokes, “with a positive message,” places him among the most promising young digital artists in Nigeria.

Abdulrahman Adesola Yusuf (aka Arclight)

Arclight is a Lagos-based digital artist who has expanded his artistic practice across various dimensions of art, including illustrations, doodles, collages, and digital drawings. Characterized by vibrant, contrasting colors, Arclight’s works express themes such as mindfulness, growth, and self-limitation.

Our collections at the Discovery Museum reflect our sincere desire to promote the work of young, up and coming Nigerian digital artists. This we do by not only collaborating with cultural and social institutions sharing this goal but also supporting the artists themselves. New and ambitious young Nigerian digital artists can showcase their work at the acclaimed Digital Museum, thus gaining the recognition and attention they deserve.

And as we monitor and highlight innovations in the art scene, with NFTs gaining traction and widespread popularity, we continue to demonstrate support for all digital innovations, especially ones that empower young Nigerian creatives.



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