Go Digital: The Unique Partnership between Art Tech District and the French Institute in Nigeria

The world is rapidly evolving, and this evolution is toward digitalization. The accelerating digital transformation the world is experiencing is what propels economic and social change. More choices, better opportunities, more convenience, increased efficiency, wider reach — these are just few of the many benefits that digital technologies provide. All over the world, organizations, governments, brands, and individuals are heavily investing in digitalization, for efficiency and to address ensuing challenges. If the COVID-19 pandemic opened our eyes to anything, it is to the need for a digital economy, the need to Go Digital.

But how prepared is Nigeria? A digital divide and a shortage of digital talents are some of the challenges we continue to grapple with. At ATD, we are deeply concerned about these issues and are leading the charge and pioneering a digital revolution.

Go Digital is an annual program run by the Institut francais du Nigeria, in partnership with the Art Tech District. The program looks at different aspects of technology, and how it is impacting lives. The 2021 edition of Go Digital is the third for the French institute but the first for ATD. In our usual enthusiasm for all things digital and innovative, we are partnering with the French Institut for this year’s, and hopefully subsequent years’, edition of this transformational programme.

The 2021 edition has been both eventful and successful:

The Prominent Women in Nigeria Exhibition: We kicked off with the Prominent Women in Nigeria exhibition launch and the Spoken Word contest on November 13. At the exhibition, we looked at the faces and key works of prominent women who have shaped Nigeria’s growth over the decades. Employing the technologies of QR code and Virtual Reality, guest got insights into the roles of these notable women, and also the beauty and determination of the Nigerian woman.

At the Spoken Word contest, we had artists and poets from everywhere in Federal Capital Territory offer up ingenious performances that thrilled the audience. Judges from ATD, the French Institute, Soundcity radio, and the Abuja Literary Society presided over the competition. Three winners emerged with each getting a chance to record podcasts with our assistance.

Movie Night: We had the Movie Night on November 16 at the French Institute. We saw different short films from different countries in Africa, including Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, and Kenya. The short films, some of which were based on novels by African authors, gave guests the opportunity to learn, in high-tech audiovisuals, about Africa’s, and more specifically Nigeria’s, rich cultural history.

Panel Discussions: The Panel Discussion, titled “Digital Technologies: Exploring Relations between France and Nigeria,” was held on November 26. The event had on its panel, Vendr co-founder, John Omesili, Director, Nigeria at Business France, Mounir Alhoz and Uzoma Orji of Uzoma Studio and Baffs, and Adepegba Oduntan of Civic Foundation for Innovation. The panelists shared their knowledge and experience about the different aspects and benefits of technology and how it can be harnessed to improve lives and render better services. They also examined existing relations between Nigeria and France.

Other events include a sponsored field trip to the museum for kids from around the capital, the main Prominent Women in Nigeria exhibition and a Dance battle to close the event on December 11.



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