Founders Column.

The world is changing very fast, as such I have had to ensure that as a creative and innovation hub, which seeks to drive development, the civic foundation for innovation remains a diverse technological ecosystem that brings global ideas together; staying in the first coach of the fast evolving social, political, commercial and economical train of the world. As a country in the third world category, Nigeria is filled with so much human and natural economic strength that it is yet to tap into and unleash potential of. The civic innovation lab has been my way of creating opportunities in order to create career paths, support the training of our people and also empowerment of young people such that they dig within themselves, create and birth something; anything.

The understanding of this keeps me going- if we empower enough people, start-ups and businesses, individuals, that don’t have the capacity, tools or technology to empower themselves; then we’re one road away from a total revolution of the nation-being fully aware that the youth are the future. 
With the current unrest evident in police brutality resulting in protests and a fight against injustice not just in Nigeria, but in the whole world- it is imperative that we do not lose focus or shift our gaze from what is truly important- Economic reformation through youth empowerment, socio-political rejuvenation through decentralization, youth involvement in procurement and economic processes- a total restructuring leading to development in every sphere of the country. 
In our way, we have sought to achieve the above and continually work toward achieving on a larger scale through the provision of modern, innovative ways of impacting people, building capacity to enable support and advocacy with the help of our global and local partners, we have been able to support most recently the Deaf community in Abuja- a marginalized group who suffered greatly during the global lock down as a result of lack of and miss information. This is just to name a few- and it’s all on our social media platforms- you should check them out.
 We seek to support under-served entrepreneurs and start-ups such that they are enabled to enhance the creation of wealth and development in Africa. This has always been a priority for us and will remain so for a long time even to come as we are constantly shifting our organization to remain relevant in this tech oriented world moving from the traditional model as we continue to be collaborative- working as a team, building and maintaining trusted relationships, protecting the safety of our partnerships, as I continue to lead with a servants heart.

-Mosope Olaosebikan.



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