Special Visit by the Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs

The 15th of March 2022, was a remarkable day to remember as the Art Tech District was thrilled to receive the Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Geoffrey Onyeama, on a special private tour of the spectacular Discovery Museum.

The Honourable Minister was enthusiastically pleased with the museum’s captivating, organised curation and dynamic flow. Impressed by the use of digital technology, the Minister also highlighted how this unique approach to Nigeria’s rich culture and history was captivating in an entertaining, yet educative way that catered to both the young and the old.

When viewing digital histories in the 360 room, The Honourable Minister suggested some fascinating additions such as showcasing the emergence of the major ethnic groups and notable rulers who ruled great empires in history.

While on a brief interview by the production team, the Minister described his experience as excellent, positive, and enjoyable. He also stated his wish for Nigeria was peace and prosperity, noting his belief that Nigeria would get through its current challenges as we are resilient and hardworking people.

He expressed his hearty congratulations to the management and team, for their good work of preserving Nigeria’s culture and history through innovative and evolving technology.

Bulgarian Ambassador Visits Discovery Museum

On the 4th of March 2022, The Art Tech District was delighted to receive the Bulgarian Ambassador, Yanko Yordanov on a private tour of the Discovery Museum.

Mr. Yordanov, who is conversant with Nigerian history, was impressed with The Discovery Museum’s creative and innovative presence, as well as the peculiar intersection between digital technology and storytelling, used in showcasing Nigeria’s culture. As a result of his knowledgeable insight on Nigeria’s history and culture, he noted some key events that should be included in the museum scenery such as how and when the name “Nigeria” was coined, and also the famous Nigeria vs Bulgaria football match in the early ’90s.

He expressed his interest in cultural partnerships as a means of showcasing Bulgarian culture and history in the Discovery Museum. He also spoke about partnerships aimed at celebrating the independence of Nigeria, and Bulgaria relations on March 10th and the anniversary of Mr. Yordanov’s appointment as Bulgaria Ambassador to Nigeria on March 20th. He noted that the partnerships would strengthen ties between Bulgaria and Nigeria, as several Bulgarian dignitaries and visitors would be visiting the museum to experience culture and history through the prolific lens of technology.

Mr. Yordanov was very pleased with his visit, describing his experience as really special not because it was his first time visiting the museum, but because of the way the museum represents a large part of Nigeria’s complex history in a uniquely explicable way.

Escape Room is Getting A Major Makeover

After wowing guests with the wildly popular, The Heist, our escape room is ready for something new, thrilling and exciting. Kicking the new month off with a new theme, participants are expected to solve the murder mystery of a beloved pop star, Jean Chilton, within a limited time frame. Mind-blowing and super immersive, this new theme is a fresh start for the Escape Room, signaling more exciting mysteries and puzzles to come.



We are a tech-driven hub that support innovative ideas- making them reality! We serve as a launchpad for social innovators through the use of technology.

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We are a tech-driven hub that support innovative ideas- making them reality! We serve as a launchpad for social innovators through the use of technology.