ATD Roundup: December 2021 — January 2022

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4 min readFeb 5, 2022

It was a memorable holiday season here at the Art Tech District. While we’re sad the holidays have ended, we are also excited about the many possibilities 2022 brings, and what we have planned for the new year.

We played host to some of the most reveling events that happened in the city of Abuja between December 2021 and January 2022. From the Go Digital wrap-up to the Discovery Kids’ Anniversary to the Food Bank outreach — every event was momentous, and our premises overflowed with people of all ages indulging their curiosity and having a time of their lives.

In case you missed some of our mind-blowing events, here’s a quick round-up to intensify your FOMO.

Go Digital Wrap-Up

Our holiday season officially kicked-off with a wrap-up of the 2021 edition of Go Digital. We had a swell time hosting a Kids’ Field Trip through the acclaimed Discovery Museum on December 4, sponsored by the institut francais du Nigeria. Maintaining that energy, the ATD park also played host to the Go Digital Experiential Dance Battle & DJ, a blistering dance contest featuring several electronic dance experts, where we eventually crowned three exceptional dancers as the competition’s MVPs.

Zero Hunger Food Bank

On December 18, the Civic Foundation for Innovation, partnering with Art Tech District and Lagos Bistro, through its Zero Hunger Food Bank outreach, welcomed a hundred families into its premises, all of whom were selected from remote villages around Abuja. After taking a tour through the museum, the beneficiaries each received various food items ahead of the holidays.While the tour of the museum was an incredible experience for us and our guests, the best part was the reality of making someone else’s holiday season a little special. After all, isn’t the holidays about sharing?

Discovery Kids’ Anniversary

Another highlight of the holiday season events was our celebration of Discovery Kids, our 21st-century skill enhancement center comprising several play stations designed to help kids develop modern skills. Kids from everywhere in Abuja were present at the event and partook in the fun and games. Among activities and games the kids participated in to mark this celebration were an ice-cream-eating competition, musical chairs, a bouncy castle exercise to rev up the celebration, and a photo session with Arty, the six-foot snowman in the basement.The excitement in the air was palpable, and we can bet all the kids who came in had a swell time. You could check our Instagram @arttechdistrict for some moments captured from that day.

Discovery Kids’ Festival

We also had our annual Kids’ Fest from December 17 through 24. Throughout the festival the participating children, aged 2 to 10, honed their creative skills at the Arts and Crafts studio, where they painted Christmas trees and made colorful friendship bracelets; they decorated tasty Christmas cookies at the Discovery Kids’ kitchenette; and they also had a fun movie session of classic, family-friendly Christmas movies at our Screen Spot. Every child who participated in the fest left with an experience, a new skill, and a positive impression of our space.

Sip & Paint

Sip & Paint is a leisure exercise where creatives, art connoisseurs, and just about anyone seeking a leisurely learning activity come over the weekend to paint for fun, meet new people, and make new friends. On December 26, at ATD’s maiden edition of Sip & Paint, we saw an impressive display of creativity. An archetype painting is displayed and everyone tries to duplicate it. It was amazing to see the different ways in which different artists interpret and replicate a single artwork.

Also, Escape Room added a new twist to its exercise, making it more thrilling and realistic, and had 1,024 players this holiday season alone. Screen Spot, ATD’s private cinema, hosted a series of talk shows and family hangouts. PlayBox also underwent a major overhaul, adding new driving simulators to its repertoire. The VR gaming center (the first in Abuja) promises to be more fun and action-packed.

In case you missed all of these, don’t worry. We have many more equally exciting events coming up this February. Don’t forget, Valentine’s Day approaches!



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